Annual Work Plan

A comprehensive annual work plan provides a detailed blueprint for the Main Street program’s activities; reinforces the program’s accountability both within the organization and also in the broader community; and provides measurable objectives by which the program can track its progress.


  • The work plan should contain a balance of activities in each of the four broad program areas that comprise the Main Street approach — design, organization, promotion, and economic restructuring.
  • The work plan should contain measurable objectives, including timelines, budgets, desired outcomes, and specific responsibilities.
  • The work plan should be reviewed, and a new one should be developed annually.
  • Ideally, the full board and committees will be involved in developing the annual work plan. At a minimum, the full board should adopt/approve the annual work plan.
  • The work plan should distribute work activities and tasks to a broad range of volunteers and program participants.
  • There has been significant progress in each of the four points based on the work plan submitted for the previous year.

To view Annual Work Plan:

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