GOLDEN BUSINESS OF THE WEEK: June 4-9, 2019 Hixtown Brewing Company

Golden Business of the Week

Hixtown Brewing Company

Hixtown Brewing Company is Villa Rica, Georgia’s oldest Brewery and Taproom, founded by Brian and Cindy Britt. Brian is a retired Air Force Reserve flight engineer with 28 years of service to our Country, and has been home-brewing great beer for the last ten years.  Cindy has vast experience in retail management and human services.  Brian has brewed nationally recognized award-winning beers.  With the encouragement of his gang of “beerleaders” who will attest to his talent, Brian took a leap of faith into the nano-brewery business.  With Brian & Cindy’s entrepreneur spirit, the couple is hell-bent on making a big splash in Georgia’s craft brewery scene.

In 2005, the Britt’s moved west, of Atlanta that is, and proudly call Villa Rica home.  Brian knew he wanted to celebrate the heritage of this small town, insisting on establishing his brewery in his hometown, hoping to be instrumental in the support and growth of the Historic Downtown District.  With this desire to stake his claim in Villa Rica, Brian did his history homework, and Hixtown Brewing Company was born.

Brian and his brew crew at Hixtown create each batch of beer on the premises of the taproom on Main Street.  He favors European styles, such as Irish Stout, Oktoberfest, and Kolsch style ale.  His IPA will make you slap your pappy! He chose Villa Rica (Hixtown) for his taproom because brewing and sharing beer will always be about the bonds that are created over a great craft beer, and not so much about mass appeal.

History of Hixtown

Hixtown is the former name of the city of Villa Rica in the early-to-mid 1800s. The city began to grow when gold was discovered in the area shortly after being settled, and Hixtown, combined with the nearby town of Cheevestown, contained almost 60% of the population of Carroll County. With the construction of a new railroad line in 1882, Cheevestown and Hixtown moved and combined to create the new city of Villa Rica – The city of riches. ​

407 Main St.
Villa Rica, GA 30180


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