The Villa Rica Main Street Program is committed to making the most of our community’s unique sense of place by harnessing local economic opportunities and creating a supportive business environment that helps our small business owners and entrepreneurs build on their dreams by expanding economic opportunities.

Finding money to start or expand a business is very difficult and the Main Street Program wants to help make the process a little easier. The BOOST Program is designed to award financial assistance to Downtown Villa Rica business owners and entrepreneurs.  Assistance granted through the BOOST program does not have to be repaid.


The BOOST program was created to provide grant money to small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Main Street Service Area.  The Economic Vitality Committee of the Main Street Advisory Board will meet to review and vote on grant requests.  Downtown Business owners may apply for grant funding quarterly; however, the Committee reserves the right to award grants more or less frequently each calendar year. Grant awards are based on availability of funds with a minimum grant of $100 and a maximum award of $1,000.