The MILL Amphitheater

THE MILL—a 2,500 capacity “green space” amphitheater where concerts, festivals, classic car and comedy shows, and numerous annual events are scheduled. The 2020 season will bring new and exciting entertainment. We hope you will join us and become part of THE MILL family!

THE MILL Amphitheater serves to encourage visitors and citizens to spend more time in historic downtown Villa Rica. This provides increased visibility for local shops and restaurants which improves the quality of life for Villa Rica residents. Every town or city needs a location that is considered a central gathering place for activity, growth, unity and energy. Our amphitheater is Downtown Villa Rica’s central gathering place.

To rent The MILL Amphitheater please contact the Villa Rica Main Street Office: 678-840-1141.

Download The MILL Rental Agreement below:

2020 The MILL Rental agreement