Gold Rush Parade

Event: 45th Annual Gold Rush Parade
Date: September 11, 2021
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Downtown Villa Rica

    CarGolf CarFloatTruck w/ TrailerWalking UnitDance/Drill TeamSchool GroupMarching Band

    Please include a description of your entry and a brief summary of your organization and its accomplishments so that we may correctly recognize your organization in the parade.

    -Parade entry fee is $25 for all entries. There is a separate $25 fee for each walking group, vehicle or float entered in the parade.
    -A completed application should be submitted no later than Friday, August 27, 2021 (two weeks before the event).
    -A parade Position Number will be assigned and emailed to you. If your entry is not accepted you will be informed via email.
    -You will receive your Parade Number via email. Your Parade Number must be displayed on the left front of your entry. This includes floats, walking groups and marching units.
    -Limit one (1) vehicle and/or float per entry. There is a separate $25 fee for each walking group, vehicle, or float entered in the parade.
    -No riding on the roof of any vehicle, truck-bed fender walls, top of truck cab or sides of truck beds.
    -Two adult spotters are required for floats, trailers or trucks.
    -Parade entrants must refrain from throwing items from any vehicle. Entrants may hand out candy ONLY.
    -All vehicles, floats and walking groups are to remain at least 20-25 feet behind the parade entry in front of them.

    I agree to the rules as presented: YesNo

    The Main Street office will send you a paypal invoice with your registration confirmation.